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    When a new medical school is born, there is more than a mere ripple of interest in the world of medical education. There is deep hope that the new school will avoid the mistakes of older schools, adapt itself to modern advances and contribute to the future through its staff and graduates so that the standards of Medicine are further raised.

    Having decided on the date of admission of the first class of medical students, the Medical Centre was planes in such a way so that each portion of the building would be ready for occupation a few weeks ahead of the time it was needed for the teaching programme. The first class was admitted to the pre-medical year of study in the Faculty of Science in May 1963, soon after the first bulldozer had appeared on the scene. In ten months' time, Phase I of the Medical Centre, consisting of the administration block and preclinical departments with their teaching and research laboratories was completed so that the first year of the medical course could begin in May 1964 with 64 students...< Read More >




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