About UMMC


To establish UMMC as a leading teaching hospital with international repute


  1. To empower human capital with high competency
  2. To drive excellence in clinical research.
  3. To sustain a strong financial standing.
  4. To uplift the institution standard with education and healthcare related recognitions and accreditations.


Core Values of UMMC




Ethical Behaviour




a. Kecemerlangan (Excellence)

  • Memberi perkhidmatan yang berkualiti tinggi, selamat dan memenuhi keperluan pesakit. (Provide services which is of highest quality, safe and fulfill patients need)
  • Cemerlang dalam penjagaan pesakit (Excellent in patient care)
  • Kecemerlangan akademik (Academic excellence)
  • Terkenal di peringkat antarabangsa dalam bidang penyelidikan klinikal (Internationally renowned in clinical research)

b. Efisien (Efficiency)

  • Kecekapan Masa (Time efficiency)
  • Keberkesanan Kos (Cost effectiveness)
  • Produktiviti yang tinggi (High productivity)

c. Empati (Empathy)

  • Empati dalam hubungan penjagaan pesakit. (Empathy in patient care relationship)
  • Empati dalam hubungan rakan sekerja. (Empathy in colleague relationship)

d. Etika (Ethical Behaviour) :

  • Mengamalkan n