One Stop Oncology Centre


Clinical Oncology Department is situated on the 1st floor, East Tower, UMMC and was opened in 1997.The department underwent renovation in 2017 which completed in July 2018.

We provide ‘one stop oncology’ services, research and teaching centre.

Department functions and role:

  1. Provide treatment to patients with cancer using non-surgical and surgical therapy.
  2. Conduct and aid in educational programmes for undergraduates and post graduates candidates eg UMMP, Master in Clinical Oncology & Master in Medical Physics.
  3. Involved in clinical research and education in accordance with Good Clinical Practice
  4. Collaborate with government and non-government parties locally and abroad in services, teaching and research.





We serves as a tertiery referral centre for cancer treatment using surgical and non-surgical modalities which includes systemic anticancer therapy and radiotherapy. We receives in-house referral from within UMMC as well as external referrals from other goverments and non-government hospitals all over the Malaysia and abroad.
The services provided include:

  1. Outpatient clinics for
    1. New patients
    2. Follow-up
    3. Systemic therapy review
    4. Radiotherapy review
    5. Clinical trial review
    6. Multidiciplinary combine clinics – breast combine clinic & gastrointestinal combine clinic
  2. Multidiciplinary team (MDT) meetings & collaboration.
    We collaborate with various departments in UMMC in a joined management meeting to provide the best of carecancer treatment. The teams involved are:
    1. Palliative care medicine
    2. Breast surgical division
    3. Oromaxillofacial surgery
    4. Head and neck surgery
    5. Neurosurgery
    6. Radiology
    7. Gynaecology
    8. Urology
    9. Gastrointestinal surgery and medicine
    10. Paediatric oncology
  3. Systemic therapy
    This includes chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, monoclonal antibodies, immunotherapy and other biologic agents. Our treatment is up to date in accordance with evidence based medicine for the relevant clinical indication.
  4. Radiotherapy
    Our state of the arts treatment involves delivery of high energy X-ray to kill & inhibit cancer cell growth.
    1. External beam therapy
      Treatment technique ranges from simple to complex depending on the clinical indication. Complex techniques include IMRT, SRS/SRT, IGRT & SBRT.*
    2. Intraoperative radiotherapy (IORT) for breast cancer as well as pelvic cancers depending on clinical indication.
    3. Brachytherapy
      Using a high dose rate radiation source in close proximation to the tumour as outpatient and inpatient treatment as clinical indication.
      At the moment, the therapy is mainly for gynaecological cancer and this includes  image guided technique (IGBT) for cervical cancer.
    4. Radioisotope therapy
      1. Mainly for treatment with of thyroid cancer patients using radioiiodine. This has been done as in-patient service where patients need to be hospitalised on the ward with specialised shielding throughout the duration of treatment. This service is delivered in collaboration with Nuclear Medicine Unit under Department of Biomedical Imaging.
      2. Selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT) using Y90 as clinical indication in collaboration with interventional radiologist (IR) and Nuclear Medicine Unit under Department of Biomedical Imaging.
    5. In patient services
      Patients who need admission to ward for treatment related complications and long infusion chemotherapy will be admitted to ward 6TE.
  5. Clinical trials
    We are conducting industry funded clinical trials in in various tumour sites in collaboration with as well as investigator initiated trials.


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