Critical Care Services Unit

Officially opened on 18 January 1969, the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Universiti Malaya Medical Centre (University Hospital, UH, then) was the first ICU in Malaysia. Its pioneering team of specialists - A. Ganendran, A.E. Delilkan, A.I Gurubatham and Ratnavel – committed themselves to UH’s aspiration of bringing the best available resources of modern medical science to patients. Their successful running of the six-bedded ICU was a milestone for the young country and set the momentum for ICU establishment in other hospitals nationwide.

Over the decades, the ICU bed numbers increased, and it relocated from the original Fourth Floor of Menara Utama site to several different locations in the hospital before finally establishing itself on the Second Floor of Menara Utama in 2017. Alongside its growth as an adult General ICU was the development of other specialized critical care units, namely Paediatrics ICU, Neonatal ICU, Coronary Care Unit, Cardiothoracic ICU and Neurosurgical ICU. The establishment of these units reflected the evolving UMMC healthcare services and the growing need for specialized care.

In September 2018, the amalgamation of all critical care services in UMMC was formalized by the formation of a Critical Care Services Unit (CCSU). This new integration aims to maximize Critical Care resources and ensure the delivery of high-quality patient care, in line with the following guiding principles of UMMC:


UMMC as a leading teaching hospital with international repute


  • To empower human capital with high competency
  • To drive excellence in clinical research
  • To sustain a strong financial standing
  • To uplift the institution standard with education and healthcare related recognitions and accreditations

The units under the purview of Critical Care Services Unit are as follows:

  1. General ICU
  2. Intermediate Dependency Care Unit (IDCU)
  3. Cardiothoracic ICU
  4. Coronary Care Unit
  5. Neurosurgical ICU
  6. Paediatrics ICU
  7. Neonatal ICU
  8. Labour Ward

The services provided by these units are guided by the standards detailed in the Malaysian Society for Quality in Healthcare (MSQH) Critical Care Service Standards.

Each of these Critical Care Units is led by a Specialist or Consultant appointed by respective parent Department of the Unit. Both the Head and Matron-in-Charge of the Critical Care Services Unit, on the other hand, coordinate the communication and resource sharing between these units. A minimum of three Critical Care Services meetings (also known as ICU sub-committee meetings) are held every year. These meetings are chaired by the Deputy Director (Surgery) of the hospital and attended by the Head and Matron of the Critical Care Services Unit, medical and nursing representatives of each of the critical care units, and representatives of Infection Control, Biomedical Engineering and Engineering departments.

The General ICU, in addition, provides the following services:

  • Critical Care Outreach Team
  • Code Blue Response Team
  • Post-ICU Clinic (started in 2023 for selected patients)

1. Pressure Injury Awareness Week in March and November 2023



2. ICU Mobilization Month in July 2023



3. Annual Workshop on Nursing Management of Ventilated Patients



4. Regular Joint CMEs – doctors, nurses, and medical assistants (every Thursday)



5. ICU Rehab: Let’s Move It in 2022




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