Department of Diagnostic Laboratory Services

Established in 2015, Diagnostic Laboratory Services unit (UPMD) is a clinical support unit which consists of Scientific Officers from the various laboratories in the Department of Pathology, Department of Medical Microbiology and Department of Transfusion Medicine. The Scientific Officers are trained and certified in many specialised areas including clinical chemistry, haematology, biochemical genetics, molecular diagnostics, toxicology, cytogenetics, microbiology, transfusion medicine, cytopathology and histopathology. Refer to Lampiran A for UPMD Organisation (Functional) chart.

Our main functions are to manage outsourcing of samples to external diagnostic laboratories and acting as the secretariat for Point-of-care Testing (POCT) Committee. Click Lampiran B for Organisation Chart of UMMC POCT Committee.

The below table describes the functions of UPMD in detail.

Main Function

Lab Support Service

  • Planning and managing career development for Scientific Officer
  • Planning and managing professional training program and performance monitoring for Scientific Officer
  • Budget planning, human resource and procurement
  • Secretariat to Lab Advisory Committee, Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) Committee, etc
  • Managing the outsourcing of sample to external diagnostic laboratory
  • As a reference for scientific support and technical services

To coordinate the following activities:

  • Lab Information System (LIS, HIS/eMR)
  • Research and development of lab testing
  • Staff competency, orientation and training
  • Managing accreditation activity
  • Monitoring the achievement of lab quality objective
  • Regulate diagnostic lab services including budget planning, human resource and procurement
  • Asset management, maintenance of lab equipment, lab safety, internal and external quality control


1. Referral of Samples to the External Laboratories

We support our clinicians in referring tests which are not offered in UMMC to appropriately accredited laboratories in Malaysia and overseas. Our team will manage the samples and the test results, and monitor regularly the performance of the referral laboratories to ensure our client’s requirements are met. All test results will be displayed in iPesakit. Refer to Lampiran C for Procedure for examination by referral laboratory.

Contact person:

Nisya Mohamed Yusoff
Phone No.: 03-7949 2794

Muhamad Faris Ya’akob
Phone No.: 03-7949 2577


2. Management of Point-of-Care Testing Device & Service

UPMD, together with UMMC POCT Committee, is responsible to support the introduction, evaluation, placement, maintenance, quality control, training and monitoring of POCT devices and services in UMMC.

For introduction of new POCT device, please follow procedure in Lampiran D.

Contact person:

Shanmuganathan Arumugam
Phone No.: 03-7949 2784

Muhamad Faris Ya’akob
Phone No.: 03-7949 2577

  1. Organizing Phlebotomy Workshop
  2. Participation in Quality Improvement (QI) Workshop
  3. Participation in LEAN Management Workshop
  4. POCT device training to doctors and nurses
  5. Sessions with new Medical Officers/House Officers during their orientation program


  • Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya,
    Lembah Pantai, 59100,
    Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA


  • Email :


  • Phone No : 03-79494422
    Fax : 03-79492030