Department of Facilities Management

Facilities Management Unit is responsible for the administration of various support services at UMMC. The main services managed through outsourcing such as building cleaning services, clinical waste management, patient linen management, high glass cleaning and pest control. While perating services carried out internally include printing services, logistics management, mail services, meeting room and non-patient linen management.

Facilities Management Unit
Tel : 03- 7949 2046 / 3630
Emel :

  1. Routine & Preventive Maintenance
    • Building Cleaning Services
    • Clinical Waste Management
    • Pest Control
  2. Planned Maintenance
    • High Glass Cleaning and Aluminum Cladding
    • Scheduled Waste Management
      • Chemical Waste
      • Electric & Electronic Waste (e-waste)
  3. Linen Management
    • Supply and Washing of Patient Linen
    • Procurement and Supply of Non Patient Linen
    • Procurement and Supply of Uniforms
  4. Operating Services
    • Printing Services
    • Mail Management
    • Logistics Management
    • Meeting Room Management

1. Introduction of Twin Bins

Provide twin bins for the purpose of waste segregation at source. Two types of bins were introduced, namely green recycling bins and blue general waste bins


2. Trash Bin Centralization

Introduction of One Office One Trash Bin system in all offices and officer rooms.

3. Creating a Recycling Station

Provide several multiple recycling bins at one station for more specific segregation purposes. The main purpose is to educate UMMC employees and customers on the culture of recycling.


4. Isolation of Saline Bottles

Provision of additional bins in clinical areas such as wards and laboratories for saline bottles and other bottles not classified as clinical waste. Through this program, UMMC has made savings of almost RM200,000.00 per year in payments to contractors.

5. This program is one of the initiatives to encourage individuals or departments/units to send recyclable items collected and sold at the drive-thru recycling center located at the UMMC garbage house on Wednesday every week.

6. Eco Enzym

The eco-enzyme project is one of the initiatives under the UMMC Green Program. For this pilot project, the Facilities Management Unit in collaboration with the Department of Dietetics.

A total of 300kg of fresh kitchen waste from the UMMC Main Kitchen was collected and produced 6 eco-enzyme liquid drums. Among the benefits of eco-enzymes are as

  1. Disinfectant (disinfectant),
  2. Oil remover,
  3. Vegetable washer,
  4. Wastewater purifiers,
  5. Fertilizers and pesticides for crops,
  6. Livestock farm cleaners
  7. Organic air freshener.


7. UMMC produces at least 500kg of waste and surplus food for patients every day. This large amount if not managed properly can lead to devastating piles in national landfills that will impact global warming. In an effort to save the environment, the zero waste project initiative was driven by the Facilities Management Unit in collaboration with the Department of Dietetics and the vendor of Patient Catering.

Waste and excess food of patients are properly separated. Organic waste has been distributed as follows

  1. UM Zero Waste Campaign (UMZWC) for compost fertilizer production.
  2. Chicken and Duck Farms in Hulu Langat.
  3. Plastics, boxes and papers are sold to the UMMC Recycling Center.

The result is almost zero waste that needs to be disposed of in landfill

8. The objective of this program is to cultivate awareness and a spirit of love for the environment. The total of 20 staffs from the Facilities Management Unit was involved to clean the picnic area of the Sungai Gabai Amusement Forest.




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