Department of Quality and Medical Development

Quality Department was officially set up in February 2, 2012 with a combination of two major roles which are quality management and risk management. Quality management is taken care by the Quality System Management Unit (QSMU) while risk management is handled by Risk Management Unit. The purpose of the establishment of this department is to improve and enhance delivery of quality services, safety and effectiveness for patients, customers and staffs of UMMC.

Department's Objective
  • To create Quality and Safety Plan in line with the need to keep improving the quality of services in UMMC.
  • To plan and coordinate the policy related to quality assurance, safety and risk management development, to improve all aspects in Services Delivery Operation.
  • To plan, coordinate and monitor the accreditation of services program in UMMC in order for it to be consistent with the Malaysian Quality Assurance (MQA) standard and to act as internal quality auditor.
  • To assist in quality level and quality assurance monitoring of all services program in UMMC.
  • To provide the staffs with adequate training relating to risk management and patients' safety in order to improve the quality of patient care.

A. Quality System Management Unit

i. UMMC internal quality audit
ii. Accreditation and Certification
iii. Documentation of quality documents
iv. Quality enhancement
v. Secretarial and Secretariat duty

B. Risk Management Unit
i. Risk Management - Data collection, incident analysing and monitoring
ii. Identifying risks to develop Risks Action Plans
iii. To provide and monitor training to Houseman Officers.


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