Department of Primary Care Medicine


  • We strive to provide holistic, comprehensive and continuity of care for patients and their family using a patient-centred and evidence-based approach. Provides clinical services to out-patients at the University Malaya Medical Centre, KIDDS clinic (child immunisation/child health clinic and immunisation for healthy adults) and also DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment Short-Course). Providing health care services involving patients of all categories and ages, whether acute or chronic disease.
  • Carry out activities of teaching, learning and research in the field of Family Medicine.

Name and Full Address:

Department of Primary Care Medicine,
Level 2, Primary Care Building,
University Malaya Medical Centre,
Jalan Profesor Diraja Ungku Aziz,
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel No: +60 03-79492802 / 2803 / 2173 / 2306
Fax No: +60 0379494368

Rawatan Utama Klinik Am (RUKA),
Ground Floor, Primary Care Building,
University Malaya Medical Centre,
Jalan Profesor Diraja Ungku Aziz,
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel. No: +60 03-79492179 / 2193

Primary Care Clinic

    • Offering outpatient services to patients based on the appointment-based clinic (ABC) includes the patients being referred by a specialist clinic or medical practitioner from public or private health centres.
    • Consultation for acute health problems (e.g.: fever, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, etc.).
    • Consultation for chronic diseases (e.g.: diabetes, hypertension, asthma, etc.) which provides continuous healthcare to the patients and families.
    • There are 32 consultation rooms and four treatment rooms.
    • Guide for consultation and treatment:
      • New patients - need to provide an identity card (nationals) or passport (foreigners)
      • Patients who already have the registered number - need to provide the appointment card/ book
      • Patients are advised to bring their pension card or guarantee letter from employers to facilitate registration and payment

    • Offers immunisations, growth and development assessment for infants and children as well as immunisation for adults.
    • Guide for treatment:
      • New patients - need to provide MyKid or birth certificate
      • Registered patients need to bring an appointment card/child health record book.

  3. KLINIK DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment Short-course)
    • The patient will be referred by doctors from primary care clinic, Specialist Clinics or ward.
    • Provides treatment for tuberculosis patients and performs the Mantoux test.

    • Provides ECG test services to patients in the primary care clinic.

    • Provides dietary advice for patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, dyslipidaemia, chronic kidney disease etc.


Appointment-Based Clinic (ABC)

Primary Care Clinic Appointment Based Clinic is a new system implemented in the year 2022 with the objective to provide convenience to the patients while preventing overcrowding during the pandemic of Covid-19. This system was planned together by the Primary Care Clinic Team and UMCH Technology Sdn Bhd.

The system allows the patients to book their walk-in appointment prior to their visit to primary care clinic. The patients can make an appointment using the WeHealth application (available on Android OS) or the website

The benefit of the system is that the patients’ visits to primary care clinic can be planned and staggered using the appointment time slot, to prevent crowding at the registration and waiting area. In addition, by booking an appointment, patients may avoid unnecessary visits to the hospital and be turned away should the clinic is closed.

Nevertheless, to provide holistic and quality care to the patients equally, emergency and urgent cases that present to the clinic will bypass the system, after being assessed by the primary care triage officers.

This system was approved by the UMMC management board in December 2021. It was piloted for a month from January to February 2022. It is fully implemented starting from 1st March 2022.



Teleconsultation is a new way of conducting medical consultation remotely during the pandemic to reduce the frequency of clinic visits. The teleconsultation service in our department has been established in April 2021 and has been active until now. The service generally caters for blood pressure and blood sugar monitoring, a continuation of care and treatment for established medical conditions for our existing patients in our clinic.Talk to our health care providers today if you wish to be enrolled in teleconsultation.

After you have signed up for a physical consent with our doctors.

Here’s the link for Single Sign On registration tutorial

Here’s the link for Telehealth in UMMC


Doctors and nurse were assisting the patient during recruitment of TC

This is how we conducted teleconsultation in our clinic



The Department has six research thrusts:

  1. Digital health
  2. Medication optimisation
  3. Shared decision making
  4. Respiratory diseases
  5. Men’s health
  6. Family violence



We train undergraduates, and postgraduate students in Family Medicine, and supervise PhD and masters students in research.


Operating Hours and Location

Operating hours:
Monday to Friday (except Public Holiday):

Morning clinic (8 am-12 pm):
Provide comprehensive services for patients with acute illnesses via an appointment-based system.

Afternoon clinic (2 pm-4 pm): Follow up with patients with chronic illnesses and provide preventive care.



  1. Walk-in patients:
    • Book Appointment Based Clinic (ABC)

  2. Patients with appointments:
    • To come to the clinic according to the date and time of the appointment

    1. Patients will be given a pre-queue number by the attendant/ nurse from the queue management system (QMS) machine, which is located on the ground floor, primary care clinic after entering from the Plaza.
    2. The pre-queue number will be called by staff at counters 1, 2, 3 or 4 for the triaging procedure. Triaging will be done by the doctor on duty or staff nurse.
    3. Doctor on duty and staff nurse will interview patients to obtain information about the problems faced by patients for triage purposes. These include the screening questions related to COVID-19.
    4. Patients who have been referred from a public health clinic or a private clinic will be directed to the Specialist Clinic or to be seen first by doctors in the primary care clinic.
    5. Patients’ vital signs will be taken and physical examinations will be performed when deemed necessary.

    1. For new patients (without patient registration number) at the University Malaya Medical Centre; patients are given a token number and requested to wait for the token number to be called at the counter 6, 7 or 8 for registration and payment procedures if necessary.
    2. For patients who already have a registered patient number at the University Malaya Medical Centre, patients are requested to wait for their name to be called at counter 5 for the payment process (if necessary).
    3. Token number to see a doctor in the consultation room number will be given after the payment procedure (if necessary) is done.
    4. For patients who have a pension card or a guarantee letter from their employer; primary care clinic services are free.

    1. The patients’ token number called by the doctors in the consultation room will not follow the order because the patients are allocated according to the doctor’s consultation room.
    2. Payment for investigative procedures shall be made at counter 10 on the ground floor or registration counter at Level 1.
    3. If the patient requires admission to the ward, the clinic staff will send the patient to the ward concerned for admission.
    4. Unstable patients will be transferred to the emergency department by clinic staff if necessary.
    5. If further follow-up is required, the patient should press the button D (for a future appointment) at Queue Management System (QMS) machine provided at counter 10 on the ground floor or the registration counter at Level 1.
    6. The queue number of patients will be called by the staff at 10 on which the date of an upcoming appointment will be given. If a short appointment is to be given, patients are required to book the appointment via Appointment Based Clinic one day before
    7. The token number for medications will be given by the doctor via e-prescribing. The patient will require to wait at the pharmacy counters for the token number to be called to get the medications.


"May Measurement Month" Celebration in Conjunction with World Hypertension Day, University Malaya Medical Centre

Date: 25th July 2023

We are thrilled to announce the successful culmination of the "May Measurement Month" Celebration at the Plaza Pusat Perubatan University Malaya, which was graciously officiated by the Director of University Malaya Medical Centre, Prof Dr Nazirah Binti Hassan. With this year''''s theme, "Measure Your Blood Pressure Accurately, Control It, Live Longer!", the event was organized by the dedicated team of the Department of Primary Care Medicine, University Malaya Medical Centre, led by Dr Chew Bee Na, the Chairperson of MMM 2023.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the head of the department, Associate Professor Dr. Adina Binti Abdullah, for her unwavering support, along with the collective efforts of primary care physicians, sports medicine physicians, pharmacists, dietitians, nurses, and medical students who contributed to the event''''s success.

The primary objective of this event was to raise awareness among the public and University Malaya Medical Centre staff about the significance of screening for high blood pressure and the adoption of a healthy lifestyle. Emphasizing the importance of regular physical activities and promoting low-salt and balanced diets, we aimed to empower individuals to take charge of their health and well-being.

We are immensely grateful for the generous support of the Malaysia Society of Hypertension (MSH), and the Malaysian Society for World Action on Salt, Sugar, and Health (MyWASSH), which played an integral role in making this event a resounding success.

Through collaborative efforts and community engagement, we believe that events like these can significantly impact public health and contribute to a healthier and happier society. Together, we look forward to a future filled with proactive health initiatives and improved well-being for all.Let us continue to advocate for healthy living and regular health screenings to create a lasting positive impact on individuals and the community at large.

Thank you once again to everyone involved in making this event a memorable and impactful one.




Vaccination Communication Workshop (VacCom) 2022: Effective Communication Strategy with Vaccine Hesitant Individuals

3rd September 2022 – Department of Primary Care Medicine, University Malaya had organized a workshop with the title Vaccination Communication Workshop (VacCom) 2022: Effective Communication Strategy with Vaccine Hesitant Individuals.

Vaccine hesitancy, defined as the reluctance or refusal to receive vaccination despite the availability of vaccines, was declared by WHO as one of the threats to public health globally. Vaccine hesitancy has been a barrier in the eradication of vaccine preventable disease. Studies have shown that healthcare providers find the experience with vaccine hesitancy challenging, leaving them feeling conflicted and causing therapeutic roadblocks in providing care for the patients. Knowledge and training are important predictors affecting healthcare providers’ attitude towards vaccination. Hence, the main objective of organising this workshop is to empower healthcare workers in vaccine communication and to explore healthcare workers attitude towards vaccine hesitancy counselling.

We have invited few speakers to deliver the lecture for the workshop, such as Dr Sakinah Sulong, Dr Suhazeli Abdullah, Dr Amirul Amzar, A/P Dr Haireen and Prof Sajar Othman.

The event ends successfully, and we hope to organise it in the near future via virtual or face to face in order to engage and empower more health care providers in vaccination communication.





“May Measurement Month” Celebration in Conjunction with World Hypertension Day, University Malaya Medical Centre

30 May 2022 - The celebration was held at Dataran Siti Khadijah, Menara Timur UMMC was officiated by the Deputy Clinical Director (Medical), Dr. Mohmmed Salleh bin Yahya with the theme is “Measure Your Blood Pressure Accurately, Control It, Live Longer!”

This is an annual event organized by Department of Primary Care Medicine, UMMC by the chairperson of MMM 2022, Dr Beh Hooi Chin and fully supported by the head of department Associate Professor Dr Adina Binti Abdullah and the whole team which consists of dietitians, primary care physicians, sport medicine physicians, nurses and medical students.

This celebration aims to create awareness to public and UMMC staff about the importance of screening high blood pressure and to practice healthy lifestyle such as active in doing physical activities and practise low salt diet and healthy balance diet.

The event was a success with the support from Malaysia Society of Hypertension (MSH), Malaysian Society for World Action on Salt, Sugar and Health (MyWASSH), Staff Health Clinic, UMMC, and Clinic University Malaya.

More picture on UMMC’s official facebook page, click the link here








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