Department of Medical Physics

Medical physics is a branch of physics incorporating the application of physics and engineering to medicine and health. Medical physicists work closely with medical doctors and are employed in universities, medical schools, hospitals and medical research institutes.
The main area that medical physicist involves are in the treatment of cancer by ionizing radiation (radiation oncology), ultrasound and nuclear magnetic resonance (diagnostic radiology), diagnostic imaging with radionuclides (nuclear medicine), diagnostic imaging with x rays, and in the study of radiation hazards and radiation protection (health physics).

Medical physicists are generally involved in four areas of activities: -

  • clinical service and consultation
  • research and development
  • teaching
  • administration

Medical Physics Unit, UMMC was operated in 2006 and currently located at on the Level 10 of Menara Selatan, UMMC. The unit involves the cooperation of science officers (physics) of UMMC and medical physics lecturers of University Malaya. This unit has been agreed by the UMMC Board of Management to be placed under the auspices of the UMMC Clinical Governance.

General Phone Number: 03- 7949 3110


  1. Commissioning of New Irradiating Equipment or New Radioactive Source
    1. ensuring that the purchase of medical equipment in all department fall within the scope of services is in accordance with specifications.
    2. providing a pre-screening technical evaluation report of all new equipment in related department as part of a complete report for equipment certificate of accreditation

  2. Periodic checks on PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as lead aprons, goggles, thyroid shields and gonad shields.

  3. Quality Control Test
    1. performing quality control tests on each specific equipment (Irradiating & Non-Irradiating equipment) in accordance with regulations prescribed by the procedures, in line with ISO requirements.

  4. Coordinator of safety & security management for radioactive source.

  5. Provide radiation measurement for medical officers and other staff whose involved in the injection procedure of radiopharmaceutical (Tc - 99m Sulfur Colloid) to sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB) patients.

  6. Provide high dose and low dose Radioiodine-131 therapy services to patient.

  7. Provide radiation measurement service for Yttrium-90 Sirtex microspheres treatment procedures.

  8. Radiation Decontamination of Room & Equipment.

  9. Provide treatment planning by using software such as iPlanĀ® and Eclipse and calculate doses based on the plans as prescribed by physicians for the treatment offered by the Department of Clinical Oncology, such as :
    1. Stereotactic Radiosurgery/ Stereotactic radiotherapy (SRS/SRT)
    2. Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT)
    3. CT-Aided Image Guided Intracavitary Brachytherapy (IGBT)
  10. Assisting physicians to provide appropriate technical approach to be used in medical examination.
  11. Assisting in the preparation of work procedures for the use of equipment at UMMC with physics approach.
  12. Acting as technical advisor for the installation works and non-imaging equipment in the department/unit which using the radiation sources.
  13. In charge of radiation protection program at UMMC and teaching of medical students and radiography students on medical physics and radiation safety.


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