Department of Medical Social Work

Department of Medical Social Work was established in 1969 along with the establishment of university Malaya Medical Centre (previously known as Hospital University).Back then, this department was known as Unit of Medical Welfare before it was changed into PTj of Medical Welfare. In 2014, this department is known as the Department of Medical Social Work.

Department of Medical Social Work
Level 2, Menara Timur,
University Malaya Medical Centre, Lembah Pantai
59100 Kuala Lumpur.

Telephone: 03-7949 3215/03-7949 2021

Services Provided

  • Conduct biopsychosocial assessment to optimize patient functioning and complex needs in providing a holistic and comprehensive patient care based on available resources.
  • Provide supportive therapy and counseling   services for patient and family in coping with illness, treatment and their psychosocial impacts.
  • Provide crisis management services to patient and family in crisis.
  • Assist patient with practical and financial assistance to enable their treatment.
  • Act as a liaison officer between patient, family and the community, with appropriate resources and availability.
  • Plan a process of discharge planning with the aim of improving patient’s wellbeing and social functioning.

  1. A visit to National Registration Department(Shah Alam branch) is on purpose to discuss about the issue of children birth registration especially for the cases that related to social issue that do not have any identification document.
  2. This department was assigned as secretariat of Covid-19 Fund which is responsible to monitor every donations that has been received from government sector , non-government sector , private sector and individuals that have a big heart in donating some amounts of money on purpose of purchasing of medical devices and equipments for the treatment of patients that have been screened and treated in PPUM.
  3. Collaborating with SK Satu Sultan Alam Shah, Petaling Jaya and Children Protection Team Petaling to organise U Inspire Me programme at SK Satu Sultan Alam Shah.
  4. Collaborating with Rare Disease Alliance Foundation Malaysia to hold World Rare Disease Day event.
  5. Participating in World Sight Day in level of University Malaya Medical Centre that had been organised by Department of Ophthalmology
  6. Attending The 2nd International Conference on Social Work: A Catalyst For Changing Societies and Social Cohesion in Diverse Society on February 29, 2020 until March 1, 2020 at University of  Muhammadiyah Jakarta. The scientific paperwork in tittle Surrogacy Case Study : Issues and Challenges in Medical Social Work Setting had been presented during this conference.
  7. A visit had been held at Instalasi Rehabilitasi Rumah Sakit Jiwa Dr. Soeharto Heerdjan Jakarta and Balai Rehabilitasi Sosial Watunas Mulya Jaya, Jakarta in collaborating with The Malaysian Community Development Officers Association (Medical).
  8. A Palliative Care Workshop from the Aspect of Psychosocial had been held on 2nd of October 2020.
  9. In collaboration with Violence Intervention Committee and Department of Primary Care Medicine to organize the  Strategies Against Violence and Aggression - Domestic Violence (STAR-DV) 1.0 Online Training Course.
  10. En. Mohamed Afiq Mohamed Fauzi (Community Development Officer)  had presented the scientific paperwork in tittle Surrogacy Case Study:  Issues and Challenges in Medical Social Work Settings during  The 2nd International Conference On Social Work:  A Catalyst for Changing Societies and Social Cohesion in Diverse Society at Jakarta, Indonesia on February 29,2020.


  • Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya,
    Lembah Pantai, 59100,
    Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA


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  • Phone No : 03-79494422
    Fax : 03-79492030