Department of Information Technology

Information Technology Department (JTM) which is the heart and brain of UMMC’s information communication and technology (ICT) is the department responsible for developing, managing, supporting, monitoring, regulating and ensuring ICT services and facilities at the University of Malaya Medical Center (UMMC) are always managed well and efficient, in accordance with the vision and mission of UMMC.

This department functions by focusing on ICT infrastructure management, application development, system implementation and as well as monitoring the level of data and information security to ensure the smooth operation of ICT in UMMC.

The Information Technology Department (JTM) offers the following services:

Application Section

  • Identify and develop new application systems for user needs.
  • Provide documentation for the developed application system.
  • Maintain and upgrade ICT application systems.
  • Ensure high availability of application systems through continuous monitoring.
  • Provide data warehouse and reporting tools for statistics and related reports.
  • Develop and provide multimedia content for the official use of UMMC.
  • Provide video conferencing services.

Infrastructure Section

  • Monitor and maintain ICT infrastructure including network systems, data centers and ICT equipment.
  • Ensure the high availability of ICT infrastructure through continuous monitoring.
  • Ensure that ICT security principles (confidentiality, integrity and availability) are safe from cyber threat.
  • Design, develop, maintain and monitor security systems to strengthen ICT security in UMMC.
  • Report any ICT non-compliance, control and mitigate damage.
  • Management of ICT user accounts.
  • Provide training to administrators, change management and awareness to users.
  • Identify, control and manage security risks against data and information.
  • Prepare UMMC’s Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP).

Administration Section

  • Ensure and implement all policies, procedures, work instructions, guidelines and administrative instructions are complied.
  • Coordinate resource requirements to carry out the functions of the Information Technology Department.


JTM remains committed to completing the implementation of ICT projects as planned through UMMC’s ICT Strategic Planning (ISP) which ends in 2020, namely:

  • Management Dashboard Development
  • Empower EMR with HIMSS features capabilities
  • Increase the capabilities of the eHR system, and the iFinance system
  • New development of Radiology System (iRIS) and Laboratory System (iLab)

The focus is to ensure that all major applications in UMMC are developed and maintained internally for cost savings to UMMC in the long run and at the same time, it will increase opportunities for UMMC to market the system in the future.

In addition, the JTM Infrastructure Section focuses on strengthening ICT security, awareness activities for ISMS certification, conducting Penetration Tests for ICT components and strengthening existing maintenance and routines.

Success / Awards

  • Director’s Special Award

JTM has received the Director’s Special Award during the 2017 Service Appreciation Ceremony for the service and contribution given to UMMC. Hopefully with this award, JTM will be more viable to further improve the quality of services to UMMC.

  • Commercialization of ICT Innovation

JTM has successfully commercialized the ICT system that has been developed to several other institutions, among them are as follows:

The Total Hospital Information System (THIS) iPesakit project at the International Islamic University Medical Center (IIUMMC) Kuantan which started in April 2016, was completed and handed over on 16 October 2019 during the KHUAM 2019 Conference at the Ministry of Higher Education.

ii. ISN
The implementation of the National Sports Institute (ISN) Hospital Information System (HIS) project which started in April 2017 was completed and fully submitted on 13 March 2018.

Future Plans

Based on the ICT Strategic Plan (ISP) 2021 -2015 namely:

  • Virtual Ringgit / CASEMIX Development
  • Research Database Development
  • Strengthening the Security System in UMMC
  • Smart Hospital Transformation: Transforming UMMC into a smart hospital that uses ICT technology fully in its daily operations.


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