Department of Pathology

Pathology Department is divided into two (2) main division which are Anatomic Pathology Division and Medical Laboratory Division.

Besides providing clinical services to University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC), the department is also responsible in training tutors and lecturers for MBBS degree, BDS, BBiomedSc and postgraduates courses, Masters in Pathology, Medical Science Masters in Clinical Pathology, Medical Science Masters, medical doctors and philosophical doctors under the Faculty of Medicine, University Malaya.

The department also conduct researches and studies in relevant medical fields.

Anatomic Pathology Division

Anatomic Pathology Division provides diagnostic services in histopathology and cytopathology to UMMC.

Types of services provided by Histopathology Lab are histopathology routine services based on H+E colouring, special colouring, immunohistochemistry, and in-situ hybridization. Histopathology Lab also provides prompt diagnostic services via intraoperative frozen section diagnosis. Clinical and specialist consultant in this division involve in consultation services for hospitals under the Ministry of Heallth and private sectors in kidney biopsy, cardiac transplant, muscles, neurologic and etc.

Gynaecology and non-gynaecology smear test together with Fine Needle Aspiration are among the services provided by Cytopathology Lab. Pathology Specialists conduct Fine Needle Aspiration for UMMC patients of Fine Needle Aspiration Clinic held twice a week.

Medical Laboratory Division

Medical Laboratory Division is responsible in diagnostic services for patients and doctors, conducting researches for techniques in diagnostic tests, disseminating information on services offered to clients of the department. The division also provides continuous advisory and technical training for UMMC student and staff.

The division also provides diagnostic services for Chemical Pathology (clinical chemistry, endocrine, immunology, fluid and excretion, therapeutic drug monitoring, specialised chemistry), Haemathology (routine haemathology, specialised haemathology, coagulation, bone marrow test), Inborn Errors of Metabolism, cytogenetic, molecular genetic, immunogenetic and transplantation.


This directory provides details of the extensive range of diagnostic tests offered by the various laboratories in the Division of Laboratory Medicine. If a required test is not currently offered in-house, please contact the appropriate laboratory for further information.

Diagnostic laboratory tests play an increasingly crucial role in patient management. The main aim of the laboratories is to process and test clinical specimens from patients, and to offer high quality service in doing so. The patient is the primary concern of the laboratories. Therefore, to achieve quality results and optimal use of the services, a number of requirements are important and should be adhered to.

Firstly, appropriate samples should be collected using the correct containers, and transported to the laboratory under optimal conditions. This information can be found in the following pages. Secondly, each sample must be accompanied by a signed request form containing all the necessary information. In particular, relevant clinical details should be provided, to assist laboratories in performing the most appropriate tests and interpreting the results. Finally, users are encouraged to talk to the Head and consultants of the laboratories, whether to discuss tests or results, to get advice or to offer feedback. A close working relationship between the users and the laboratory will ultimately benefit the patients.



The Division of Laboratory Medicine (LMD – previously known as CDL) is located on the 4th floor, Menara Timur, PPUM. The Inborn Errors of Metabolism (IEM) and Toxicology and Trace Elements Analysis is located on the 6th floor, Menara Timur, PPUM.

A satellite laboratory, the Polyclinic Laboratory (Polylab), serves the specialist clinics and primary care clinics is located at the ground floor of the Rawatan Utama (RUKA) Building.


  1. The Core Laboratory which consists of
    1. Specimen Reception
    2. Routine Clinical Chemistry (RChem)
    3. Fluids and Excretion (F&E)
    4. Routine Haematology (Haem)
    5. Coagulation (Coag)
  2. Special Chemistry (Special Chem)
  3. Endocrinology (Endo)
  4. Immunology (Immuno)
  5. Inborn Errors of Metabolism (IEM)
  6. Toxicology and Trace Elements Analysis
  7. Special Haematology (Sp Haem)
  8. Bone Marrow and Flowcytometry (BM)
  9. Molecular and Genetic Analysis (MGAL)
    1. Cytogenetics
    2. Molecular (Haematology)
    3. Immunogenetics and Transplantation (HLA)
  10. Polyclinic Laboratory (Polylab)


The laboratory provides a 24-hour service for routine essential tests while other tests are done during office hours. For urgent tests not provided on 24-hour basis, please contact the Pathologist or senior officer on-call via hospital telephone operator.

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The Learning Curve

This training and learning program is a collaboration project with Siemens Healthineers Malaysia to empower staff with leadership features, soft skills development and strengthening knowledge in the theoretical and technical fields of the current workplace.

The six-month program (Jan - June 2018) was attended by selected Science Officers and Medical Lab Technologists. The best participants of the program are likely to undergo placements at overseas diagnostic labs.

Phlebotomy Workshop: How to Collect Quality Samples for Laboratory Testing

The workshop was held in collaboration with the Diagnostic Laboratory Services Unit of two series, namely on 26 - 27 June and 25 - 26 September 2018. It involved participants from both inside and outside UMMC which aimed to strengthening the theoretical and practical aspects in the patients'''' blood collection.


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