Department of Human Resources

The Human Resource Department is responsible in managing human resource related matters in UMMC. The Department covers two (2) main areas:

  1. Policy, Remuneration and Information Management Division;
  2. Staffing, Services and Welfare Management Division.


Policy, Remuneration and Information Management Division:

  1. Responsible for managing human resource planning and policy, remuneration and management of staff service documentation.
  2. Manage matters related to the application of service circulars, service circular letters, relevant instructions issued from time to time, manage job applications through the Anggaran Belanja Mengurus (ABM), preparation and management of job descriptions, implementation of staff inspection activities and management organizational chart in the UMMC.
  3. Verify staff information to third parties, provide staffing statistics and manage all records and documentation related to UMMC staff services.
  4. Managing staff emolument pay including allowances, loan facilities as well as the payment of contributions to other statutory bodies such as the EPF and PERKESO.


Staffing, Services and Welfare Management Division:

  1. Managing matters relating to posts, service, and career development in UMMC including appointments, confirmation of service, pension status, promotion and retirement registration and renewal of annual practice certificates as well as clinical placements, attendance monitoring, leave in service and uniform.
  2. Managing matters related to staff conduct and discipline in accordance with the Statutory Bodies (Discipline and Surcharge) Act 2000 (Act 605).
  3. Conducting activities related to staff welfare including management of welfare assistance such as marriage, childbearing and ward admission exceeding three (3) days), medical treatment in private clinics / hospitals, death, disaster, dental, educational, incentives for staff pursuing higher studies, UMMC Kindergarden as well as medical facilities for staff, UMMC retirees and eligible dependents.
  4. Manage all sports and cultural activities approved by the UMMC Welfare, Sports and Culture Main Committee.


Human Resouce Department
Level 14 Menara Utama
Lembah Pantai 59100
Kuala Lumpur
03-7949 2161

Staffing, Services and Welfare Management Division

  1. Staffing dan services
    1. To plan and coordinate matters on recruitment, appointment , termination and resignation according to the procedures;
    2. To coordinate the confirmation of appointment, confirmation of service and entry into pensionable positions according to the procedures;
    3. To coordinate the appointment and termination of appointment of officers hired under contract of service, contract for service, secondment/temporary transfer as well as short-service officers/temporary officers;
    4. To carry out  placement and transfer of staff;
    5. To manage the post-service matters;
    6. To update staff information in the Service Book and also the HRMIS;
    7. To coordinate the salary adjustment;
    8. To plan and coordinate promotions and promotion appeals;
    9. To plan and manage matters relating to succession planning;
    10. To manage nominations for federal and state medals;
    11. To manage the Human Resource Development Panel Meeting on salary movement, salary shift and selection of recipient of the Excellent Employee Award, Loyal Service and Retirement.
    12. To manage, coordinate and conduct Staf Performance and Appraisal (Annual Assessment Report)
    13. To manage, coordinate and enforce disciplinary actions and surcharges;
    14. To manage, coordinate and enforce breach of contract terms of staff;
    15. To manage, coordinate and enforce Property Declaration;
    16. To manage and coordinate Industrial relation matters;
    17. To manage, coordinate and implement Consolidation of Past Services;
    18. To manage, coordinate and implement Staff Attendance and Leave;
    19. To manage and coordinate Applications for External Position & External Work; and
    20. To be the secretariat for Board of Selection, Promotion and Discipline
    21.  To be the secretariat for Majlis Bersama Jabatan (MBJ)
  2. Welfare
    1. To manage and coordinate staff welfare and benefits including management of UMMC Kindergarden;
    2. To manage and coordinate medical treatment facilities for staff and pensioners and dependents
    3. To manage and coordinate sports and cultural activities for staff


Policy, Remuneration and Information Management Division

  1. Policy
    1. To plan and coordinate directions and policies for human resource;
    2. To plan, coordinate and implement matters relating to application, abolishment, re-grading of posts and organisational restructuring in the UMMC;
    3. To plan, review and implement staffing needs and filling of positions in the UMMC. Activities include preparation of the monthly report on staffing, filling of positions and vacancies;
    4. To update UMMC’s organizational chart dan functional chart;
    5. To coordinate the preparation of job description
    6. To manage the appointment of UMMC’s Head of Department
    7. To plan and coordinate inspection on staffing (staff auditing) and the task list at departments/units;
    8. To plan and coordinate warrant management;
    9. To plan, coordinate and implement matters regarding the preparation, examination and updating of the staff budgeted expenditure and annual staffing list;
    10. To plan, coordinate and conduct revision and improvement of schemes of service in the UMMC; and
    11. To serve as secretariat for the Human Resource Development Panel Meeting
  2. Remuneration
    1. To manage and coordinate matters pertaining to salary, remunerations, allowances, contract rewards, bonuses;
    2. To manage and coordinate staff housing loan, computer loan and vehicle loan;
    3. To manage and coordinate changes in staff salary; and
    4. To plan covering duties for staff of the UMMC
  3. Staff Information Management
    1. To coordinate and monitor the implementation of HRMIS at the UMMC, 
    2. To coordinate UMMC human resource  data management (eHr, Portal UMMC);
    3. To manage and coordinate staff confirmation letter;
    4. To manage and coordinate staff physical file and service record; and
    5. To manage general administration matters including counter services.

Activities organized by the deparment

1. Service Appreciation Ceremony 2020

The 2020 Service Appreciation Ceremony (MPP 2020) was held on 6 August 2020 at Conference Hall 3, 13th Floor, Menara Selatan, UMMC. UMMC is always committed in recognizing the excellent work culture, commitment and services provided by all staff by providing various awards or rewards.This year, MPP 2020 was implemented based on the new norm protocol set by the National Security Council (NSC) following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Along with the protocol, MPP 2020 was implemented specifically to celebrate a total of 75 UMMC staffs who left the service at UMMC as well as recipients of Special Awards.Of the 75 staffs who left the service at PPUM, 50 staffs consisted of compulsory retirees, 16 were optional retirees, one retired due to health problems, while another 8 were retirees who dies.In addition, the Special Awards were also presented in this ceremony whereby the recipients were evaluated in terms of integrity, skills and involvement in contributing to UMMC, the community and the country. They were selected based on outstanding excellence in tasks entrusted as well as active in involvement and contributions beyond official duties including voluntary, community and other activities that have contributed to the organization and the country.MPP 2020 has recorded a total of 383 people who have been selected as recipients of the UMMC Excellent Service Award (APC) for the 2019 service year, equivalent to 7% of the total staff replenishment of 5,397 staff. This year''s APC recipients consisted of 344 staff from the Implementing Group, 37 staff from the Management Group and 2 staff from the Top Management Group.There are 87 recipients of the 20 Year Loyal Service Award and 27 recipients of the 30 Year Loyal Service Award. Although not celebrated in the MPP, UMMC staffs who received the Outstanding Service Award, 20 years of Loyal Service and 30 years of Loyal Service are also expected to continue to give commitment and effort in improving productivity and high quality work.

2. UMMC 2020 Caring Contribution Ceremony

This contribution ceremony was held on 19 and 22 May 2020 according to the SOP set by the National Security Council (MKN). It is intended to help ease the financial burden of UMMC staff that is affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. On the basis of the UMMC''s concern for the welfare of the staff, the event was conducted with the proceeds of donations received by UMMC. Zakat distribution for the first phase of 2020 was also carried out by 103 staff that was affected by the outbreak of COVID19 and 112 recipients of zakat for the first phase of 2020.

3. Master Medical Officer Registration and Orientation Program

On 02 to 04 December 2020, an orientation briefing for Master Medical Officers Session 2020/2021 was held online using the Schoology method. A total of 315 undergraduate Medical Officers have registered and attended the orientation briefing held online. The program is jointly organized by the Human Resources Department and the Division of Medical Development and Health Sciences, Department of Professional Development and Medical Development.

4. Sports and Culture Programs of 2020

The UMMC Sports Division serves as the secretariat for the participation of UMMC staff for sports that have been approved by the Welfare, Sports and Culture Main Committee (KSK). Among the sports tournaments and cultural activities that have been participated by UMMC in 2020 are as follows:




Kejohanan Bola Sepak MAKSWIP 2020
W.P. Putrajaya
29 February dan 01 March 2020
1 team
3rd place




Bengkel Kebudayaan
Hotel Impian Morib
5 - 6 October 2020


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