Department of Clinical Investigation

Clinical Investigation Centre (CIC) is a well established “one-stop” centre specially designed to facilitate the conduct of safe and credible clinical research and clinical trials in University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC).

This Centre focuses mainly on clinical research, clinical trials, other services and training. CIC acts as a point of contact to access an integrated network of experienced clinical investigators for international and national pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology companies, Contract Research Organization (CRO) and non-profit organization as well as providing a large pool of potential research subjects including healthy volunteers for the conduct of clinical trials and clinical research.

The researchers are our very own dedicated and highly qualified clinicians from various specialties in UMMC. The areas of research includes:-

  1.  Cardiology
  2. Endocrinology
  3. Gastroenterology
  4. Geriatric
  5. Hematology
  6. Infectious Disease & AIDS
  7. Nephrology
  8. Neurology
  9. Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  10. Clinical Oncology
  11. Orthopedic
  12. Pediatric
  13. Primary Care Medicine
  14. Respiratory
  15. Surgery
  16. Anaesthesiology
  17. Otorhinolaryngology
  18. Ophthalmology
  19. Psychological Medicine
CIC provides sophisticated infrastructures to enable clinical trials to be performed meeting international standards for design, conduct and reporting. In addition, CIC to acts as an intermediary to the Committee on Medical Ethics and the other clinical services such as radiography , laboratory and pharmacy. CIC is also actively involved in organizing exciting and informative workshops and trainings related to clinical trials.

CIC provides human resource guidance, financial management, facilities and equipments to ease and aid in the conduct of clinical trials and clinical research in UMMC.

Our services include:-

  1. Facilities and Infrastructure:-
    • Patient consultation areas
    • Temperature controlled drugs storage facility
    • Specimen refrigerator and freezer (-800c, -200c, -300c, 2-80c)
    • Refrigerated centrifuge
    • Near-patient diagnostic equipment
    • Telecommunications and internet coverage
    • Document storage and archiving
    • Clinical Ward Area
    • Power failure alert Alarm system
  2. Other services:-
    • Office and secretarial support
    • Legal and Medical Ethics Committee liaison
    • Financial administration and management
    • Conducting Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Workshops
    • Conducting trainings related to clinical trials and clinical research, including Phlebotomy and C&P for Study Coordinators and Research Assistants

Contact Information

Clinical Investigation Centre (CIC)
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