Dress Etiquette

This rule is made in accordance with the Provision Rule 26. Rules of the University of Malaya (Disciplinary of Students 1999). This regulation aims to provide guidelines on dressing etiquette and appropriate personal appearance for all University Malaya students to attend the official event organized by the University of Malaya.

1.0 Students should always be neat, polite and fit into nursing, radiography and medical laboratory technology profession.
2.0 Every student is required to apply for a matric card while attending / staying at the UMMC / UM / Wisma R&D area including lecture hall, exam hall, seminar room, conference, visitation, tutorial, revision class, library, laboratory, ward, clinical area of ​​the UMMC, other training center or Official ceremony.
3.0 Each student is required to adhere to the rules or guidelines of dress etiquette set by the College of Health Sciences for such places as the lecture hall, skills lab, library, sports court, surau, cafeteria and other places.
4.0 The complete uniform is compulsory for all students as defined by the College of Health Sciences while attending the lecture hall and serving in the clinical area.
5.0 The use of accessories and jewelery is prohibited during the lecture hall and in the clinical area.
6.0 Hair:
       i. For male students it should be short hair and manage the mustache and beard properly.
      ii. For female students hair should be fastened or clipped neatly.
     iii. Female students who wear a scarf are required to follow the UMMC Nurse’s Code of Ethics. Application must be approved by University Malaya Medical Center Uniform Committee.
7.0 Unauthorized dress:
       i. T-shirt (except allowed).
      ii. Wear T-shirts in uniform.
     iii. Jeans.
     iv. Sweater / cardigan.
      v. Clothes that cover the face.
     vi. Slippers.
    vii. Mini skirt.
   viii. Wide neckline clothing.
     ix. Shorts.
      x. Sleeves blouse / short / expose the body.
     xi. Short blouse (above the back)
8.0 Use appropriate fragrances.
9.0 Radiography / Medical Laboratory Technology students must use laboratory coats supplied by the UMMC while in the clinical area. To prevent the spread of germs, students are prohibited from wearing laboratory coats outside the clinical area.
10.0 Radiography students should wear the personnel registration badge (OSL) in the clinical area.

Students who do not abide by these restrictions can be disciplined as stated under the UM Methods (Student Behaviour) 1999. All UM/UMMC officers, including administration, academic, safety and library staff are responsible for reporting any breach of these rules to the College of Health Sciences.

For the full version or more details on rules & regulations of the University, please contact the College of Health Sciences.