Advanced Nursing Education Program

Advanced Nursing Education Program are developed to inspire and challenge students to achieve their full potential. All programs aim to produce graduates with a solid grasp of knowledge in their discipline and the ability to think critically in order to solve problems. The programs also aim to equip them with the necessary skills to easily adapt to various surroundings and prepare them for lifelong learning.

All academic programs are relevant, current and innovative to meet national and global needs. In order to stay relevant, the curriculum is continually being reviewed with input from external examiners and stakeholders. Stakeholders who include industrial liaison panels, employers and students, play an active role in curriculum design and review. Program approval, monitoring and review processes which involve consultations with the informed community members to ensure that the teaching-learning methods of all programs are appropriate and current.

Currently Advanced Nursing Education Program offers  six advanced diploma programs for clinical specialty, one advanced diploma program for health sciences and one certificate program.

Advanced Diploma for Clinical Specialty

Post Basic for Clinical Specialty