The Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology Program is offered by the College of Health Sciences, University of Malaya Medical Centre especially for school leavers who are interested to pursue their career in Medical Laboratory Technology. This program will provide the students with skills, knowledge and competencies required to be a confident and caring general Medical Laboratory Technology practitioner.

Our aim is to produce graduates who are caring and able to provide safe, competent, ethical, high quality Medical Laboratory Technology practice and to enhance the growth and development of Medical Laboratory Technologist to meet the current needs of the country. The curriculum, course contents, academic standards and course evaluations are specifically designed to enable students to gain and develop the skills and knowledge relevant for a career in Medical Laboratory Technology.

The main objective of this program is to produce Medical Laboratory Technologist (MLT) who has the expertise and efficiency in various fields of Medical Laboratory Technology so that they will be competent in performing their duties at the Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory and other laboratories that are involved in teaching and research pertaining to medicine and Bio-Medical services.

History of establishment of the School of Medical Laboratory Technology


Year Events


In-Service Training

  • Laboratory Assistants with Malaysian Certificate of Education (MCE) are given formal training at the Faculty of Science, University of Malaya (UM).
  • Assist in the preparation of practical classes at Faculty of Medicine University of Malaya (FOM).
  • FOM established the Medical Laboratory Technology Advisory Board to structure the medical laboratory training program.
  • Two stages of training

1. Ordinary Level

  • 3 years basic training
  • Awarded the Common Certificate

2. Advanced Level (Advanced Level)

  • 2 years of specialization training
  • Awarded Advanced Certificate


Certification of Advanced Certificate

  • Harun Commission has proclaimed a Medical Laboratory Technician who has an Advanced Certificate upgraded from a Grade C public servant to Grade B.
  • Accordingly, the title of the post is changed to the Medical Laboratory Technologist (MLT).


New Training Curriculum

  • Awarded Basic and Advanced Certificate.


Recognition of MLT Certificate from UM by the State Accreditation Board

  • The MLT Certificate is equivalent to the Malaysian High School Certificate.
  • MLT Certificate of Advancement equivalent to Diploma.

Pre-Service Training

  • Co-operative Medical Laboratory Technologist is stationed in full time laboratories for 5 years.
  • Scheduled lectures in working hours.
  • Awarded Basic and Advanced Certificate.


School of Medical Laboratory Technology (STMP)

  • STMP Hospital University was established on 24 November 1993.
  • The process of developing a three-year curriculum and diploma course begins.


Diploma with Specialization

  • First intake of diploma student
  • Studies in 6 semesters for a period of 3 years
  • Full-time placement in specialized laboratories in the final semester.



  • School of Medical Laboratory Technology was renamed to College of Medical Laboratory Technology University Malaya Medical Centre (KTMP)


Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology

  • Laboratory Specialization System is abolished and replaced with Module System


KTMP moved to Wisma R & D University of Malaya


KTMP and all colleges are dissolved and incorporated as College of Health Sciences (COHES).