Personal Data Protection Act 2010

Background of PDP Act

•     The Personal Data Protection Act was passed by parliament in June 2010

•     The main objective of the legislation is to regulate the processing of personal data in the context of commercial transactions by data users.

•     to safeguard the interests of data subjects .

•     Enforced on 15 November 2013

Applicability of Act

•     Personal Data is defined to mean any information in respect of a commercial transaction whish is :-

          a)    being processed

          b)    recorded with the invention that it should be processed; or

          c)    recorded as part of a relevant filling system

Example of Personal Data

•     Name

•     IC Numbers, Passport Numbers

•     Driver's license, birth certificate

•     Bank account numbers

•     Home address

•     Home and personal phone no, email

•     Sensitive personal data :-

          a)    Race

          b)    Religion

          c)    Health

          d)    Politic opinion

          e)    Offence records

•     Contact name, numbers, addresses etc

•     Other identification like photos etc

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