Jabatan Surgeri

Department of Surgery

Surgery is a major department of the University of Malaya and was set up in 1965. From a small department of several academicians, the number of lecturers and professors have increased whilst maintaining the standard of excellence. The department has always played an important role in the University of Malaya Medical Center (formerly known as The University Hospital) as a major referral center for Malaysia. Patients are referred from general practitioners and specialists both within the hospital and also from outstation. They also attend via the Accident and Emergency department and through our Walk In clinics.

Contact Information

Department of Surgery
Faculty of Medicine,
University of Malaya,
50603 Kuala Lumpur,

Tel : +603-7949 2070
Fax : +603-7958 6360

Email: alizan@um.edu.my

Surgical care shall include consultation, diagnosis, treatment, counseling, prevention and rehabilitation to all patients and if applicable, to their family members, relatives and friends. The department of surgery shall provide the following clinical services to all surgical patients. The services are open to all patients from new born to adult.

  • Outpatient clinics (elective and follow-up cases)
  • Inpatient services (pre and post-operative care, palliatives and supportive care)
  • Surgical emergency and trauma services
  • Surgical Day Care services (Daycare Services and Daycare Surgery)
  • Surgical operation services (major and minor for both emergency and non-emergency cases)
  • Endoscopy services
  • Specialty and Subspecialty services:
    1. General Surgery & Subspecialty:
      • Breast Surgery
      • Endocrine Surgery
      • Upper G.I Surgery
      • Colorectal Surgery
      • Hepato-panreatico-biliary Surgery
    2. Cardiothoracic Surgery
    3. Plastic Surgery
    4. Urology
    5. Peadiatric surgery and neonatal surgery
    6. Neurosurgery - Provides all aspects of neurosurgery includes but  not limited to the following:
      • Adult General Neurosurgery
      • Paediatric General Neurosurgery
      • Base of Skull Neurosurgery
      • Paediatric Neurosurgery including Craniofacial
      • Complex Spinal Neurosurgery
      • Functional Neurosurgery
      • Stereotactic Radiosurgery
      • Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery
      • Epilepsy Surgery

Outpatient services

  • The department provides outpatient care through its various surgical specialty and subspecialty clinics as per clause 2.1.7
  • The clinic operates normal office hours from Monday to Friday.

Inpatient services

Inpatient service includes provision of a general and subspecialty wards.

Surgical Operation Services

Surgeries are performed as electives cases according to operating schedule or as an emergency.

Daycare Services

Provide day care facilities for minor procedures and other procedures without the patients being admitted to the wards, as an example patient for Transrectal ultrasound biopsy of prostate, Extra corporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL), Trial without catheter (TWOC), Change of CBD catheter etc.

Daycare services are provided by Urology and Peadiatric surgery.

Daycare Surgery

Day care surgery provides surgical operations services that require general and/or local anesthesia without hospital admission. These include:

  • Plastic Surgery
    • Paediatric patients - with skin lesions, keloid treatment and expansion of tissue expanders.
    • Adult patients - for Liposuction treatment, etc.
      Refer Appendix 6 - Operational policy for Plastic Surgery
  • Urology
    Patients undergo minor urology surgeries under anaesthesia and discharged on the same day post operatively.
    Example: Cystoscopy, Uretero Renoscopy (URS)
  • General Surgical & Paediatric Surgical
    Example: Circumcission, Excision biopsy of breast lump, Laparoscopy herniarrhaphy and Laparoscopy colecystectomy.


  • Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya,
    Lembah Pantai, 59100,
    Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA


  • Email : ummc@ummc.edu.my


  • Phone No : 03-79494422
    Fax : 03-79492030


  • WEBSITE : www.ummc.edu.my